Lydia Pierre is  a branding expert and consultant who provides Executives and Entrepreneurs who are transitioning into entrepreneurs with strategic solutions on how to maximize their exposure and profits.  She counsels them through the process of maintaining, improving, and upholding their reputation right where they are as they build their brand.  She does this by developing, implementing and executing marketing initiatives and activities so that the executive and their brand can remain favorable to their current audience as well as potential customers.  This way their name is associated with positive results. Lydia knows a thing or two about this, being someone who has had to transition quite a few times herself while building her own brand. She's a fierce proponent of professionalism and has dedicated herself to not only working with Executives and Industry Professionals but also helping them turn their passion to profit. Lydia is the overseeing Brand Manager at Pierre Branding Group, LLC and is personally involved in the training and development of all their clients to ensure that every client receives the highest level of service in the industry.




LYDIA  PIERRE is known for her amazing work as a Brand Manager &  Consultant. Lydia began Pierre Branding Group, LLC., also known as PBG,  which is comprised of a network of industry experts who come together to  deliver quality work at flexible, boutique agency prices.   

PBG's areas of focus are: 

  • Ur Corporate Liaison, Non-Profits, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses
  • Ur Sports Liaison for Post Athletic Career Transitioning, 
  • Ur Beauty Liaison for Fashion & Beauty, Lifestyle & Luxury, and
  • Ur Community Liaison for Non-profits and community leaders