Lydia is a Haitian- American native of Brooklyn, New York now residing in McDonough, Georgia in Henry County.

She  works as a branding expert and strategist who counsels small businesses  owners, executives, and entrepreneurs in the process of maintaining,  improving, and upholding a brand so that the name is associated with  positive results by developing, implementing and executing marketing  initiatives and activities so that brand can remain favorable to  customers. 

She  started building her reputation as a brand manager and went by the  title of Ur Beauty Liaison in 2011. She is now in the expansion phase of  her business and has rebranded as Pierre Branding Group with Ur Beauty  Liaison now becoming one of the four industries they serve. She's a  fierce proponent of professionalism and has dedicated herself to not  only working with Industry Professionals but also educating them about  the issues affecting their quality of work. Lydia is personally involved  in the training and development of every client to ensure that they  each receive the highest level of service in the industry.

Lydia  authored the book entitled, "The Art Of Branding: A Simple &  Practical Guide to Understanding the Branding Process" which is a short  and simple guide that answers some of the most frequently asked  questions about personal branding and why it's an important piece of any  entrepreneur's life today.  The book is available on 

In  addition to writing, Lydia has worked as a Media Personality and has  interviewed celebrity guests such as Actress LisaRaye McCoy, Singer Lyfe  Jennings, Singer Sheila Raye Charles and daughter of Ray Charles, the  legendary Huff & Gamble among others. She has had the pleasure of  working in affiliation with individuals such as NFL's Michael Vick;  Celebrity Stylist, Dwight Eubanks; and Reality star, Erica Dixon to name  a few. 

Prior  to moving to Georgia, she worked as a Medical Billing specialist at  Disston Chiropractic in Philadelphia for nearly eleven years. After  relocating to Georgia in 2012, she served as the Public Relations  Specialist for the Family Support Circle, A non-profit organization  providing Afterschool and summer enrichment programming for children in  need. She represented the interests of the organization in the community  and taught Abstinence Education to the Middle School participants as a  certified WAIT Trainer. She also oversaw the organizations Plan of  Action Committee and Public Relations Committee by identifying and  supporting volunteers and candidates for various positions. She now  serves as the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for Family Support  Circle, Inc.

In  addition to serving on the Board, Lydia is the brand ambassador of The  Gift of H.O.P.E (Haiti Opportunities for Partners in Education) campaign  by the non-profit Family Support Circle, Inc. to raise funds to build a  school in Cayes, Haiti.  The move is aimed at establishing a  voluntary relationship between businesses and organizations in the  United States and the FSC International School in Haiti. Lydia will  drive the initiative aimed at allowing FSC to partner with others who  align with their mission and share the vision of quality education in  Haiti. Through partnership with various organizations and businesses,  FSC is able to act as a conduit to facilitate this support. “Lydia was a  "perfect fit" for the role as she has been through the program, and has  a fan following among the youth.” said Dr. Elna Poulard, Founder of  Family Support Circle, Inc.– Pennsylvania, Georgia and Haiti.

"Being  Haitian myself, I have had several friends and close family members who  have shared with me what it was like growing up in Haiti as a student,  and how they had to come to America to further their studies and explore  new opportunities,” said Lydia.
"As a 20 year alumni of Family  Support Circle, Inc., I can testify to the impact the program had on my  life. I am honored to join Family Support Circle, Inc. to continue the  effort to expand this kind of programming and support to the Co-ed  School of Cayes in Haiti where they are providing children with the  tools they need to create their own future. I look forward to engaging  with the youth of our country about the same," she said.

Lydia  was brought on as the Director of Communications at the Henry County  Chamber of Commerce in 2014, after years of managing email campaigns for  small businesses & Entrepreneurs in New York, Philadelphia &  Atlanta. Her foundation in public relations, in addition to her  experience with small businesses and non-profits, contribute to her  passion for helping organizations succeed.  As the Director of  Communications at the Chamber, Lydia developed and oversaw the marketing  and communications strategies for the Chamber, including those related  to community initiatives, education and workforce development. She has  also gained political experience by working on numerous campaigns in  Georgia at the local level.   

Through  her affiliation with the chamber, Lydia became active as a leader in  the business community and was named the chair for the One Henry Arts  & Leisure Subcommittee.  One Henry is a collaborative effort of  various citizens, community groups/businesses, and the Henry County  Chamber of Commerce for economic advancement.  The Arts & Leisure  Subcommittee, which Lydia chairs, is one of five subcommittees working  under the One Henry header in an effort to move the county in a positive  direction by focusing on key areas vital to strengthening economic  viability and prosperity throughout Henry County.  

In  January 2018, Lydia became a member of the Board of Directors for the  Henry Arts Alliance whose mission is to improve the quality of life in  Henry County and the Southern Crescent (Henry, Clayton, Fayette, Butts,  Newton, Rockdale and Spalding and surrounding counties) by creating  awareness, stimulating interest, and encouraging local involvement in  the arts.

Lydia  recently graduated as part of the 2018 Leadership Henry Class which is a  leadership development program sponsored by the Henry County Chamber of  Commerce that engages emerging and existing leaders in a nine-month  program that broadens their knowledge of community issues, sharpens  their leadership skills and challenges themselves and others to seek  solutions to those issues affecting our communities.​

In  the spring of 2018, Lydia transitioned out of her role at the Henry  County Chamber of Commerce to launch her own branding and communications  firm which will be based in Henry County. The firm's focus is providing  affordable brand management and communication services to entrepreneurs  and small business owners with the goal of making the branding process  simple, affordable, and stress free for people who already are taking on  greater than normal financial risks in order to own and operate their  own business.  

This  transitioned occurred all while simultaneously taking on the role of  Marketing Specialist and Socialite at Heritage Bank, an independent  community bank with 6 branches serving Clayton, Henry & Fayette  counties in Atlanta's Southern Crescent since 1955.