After 10 years services mainly the beauty industry, we decided to alter direction. Now, she shares her passion by helping business owners and entrepreneurs like herself.  Business mentors are key—that’s why when it comes to client selection, we’re choosy. We want to give each of you the time and guidance you deserve.  Whether you’re seeking a strategic alliance with the right partner or a special skillset or tool, call us today. Together we’ll create and refine your plan for success. We didn’t get there alone. And neither will you.   Our ramped up process is designed to empower you with the tools you need to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit your turnover, and put you on a solid track to success and profit. 



Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities, a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule. We also offer a suite of quality products that will help you get there quickly and smoothly. That’s how we ensure your success.


Marketing & Brand Strategy  ​
Branding Consultations 
Media Relations 
Campaigns & Initiatives  
Sponsorship Management
Online Marketing Program 
Brand Tune-Up
Customer Insights & Segmentation  

Product & Category Management   

Fee Range: Available Upon Request



If  you are looking to add flair and sophistication to your next corporate  event, someone to keep the program moving by queuing and introducing  speakers, special guests, entertainment, and other event participants,  then Lydia Pierre is your person.  Awards shows, conferences, banquets,  fundraisers, and galas are all events that need to be narrated for the  attendees so that they stay informed and engaged. Whatever the occasion,  Lydia can do it all and set the right lighthearted, professional tone.   With Lydia, you’ll find someone who is warm, engaging, funny, and  articulate.  She can deliver punch lines with correct timing, and think  on her feet in the event of an unplanned circumstance that requires a  need to react or stall. Whether it’s a serious event or fun filled night  – having a Lydia to entertain or MC your event will add that extra  special touch and have everyone talking about your function for months  ahead. Raise the calibre of your next corporate event and book Lydia as a  Master of Ceremonies.

Fee Range: Available Upon Request
Traveling from Henry County, GA

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As  a leading beauty industry speaker, Lydia Pierre's presentations blend  timely and provocative information with just the right amount of humor  and motivation to help her audiences understand how to make a rapidly  changing business environment a competitive advantage by being  professional and getting all the tools needed to carry themselves in a  highly respected manner in this Industry.​

Lydia  understands that branding is a topic that does not get much coverage in  the curriculum. Which is the reason why she does this. Her mission is  to remove some of the challenges of applying motivational theory to  concept of branding. She helps her audience remember why they love what  they do and the reason they got into their field in the first place  while encouraging them to prepare for the challenges of the industry.  She speaks from the heart and almost every professional she has come in  contact with has thanked her for refueling their passion for their  craft.

Branding 101
The Art of Branding
Personal Branding
Understand the Importance of Branding 
The Art of Connections and Networking 

Fee Range: Available Upon Request
Traveling from Atlanta, GA

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Work sessions

Build Your own brand

 The  Building My Own Brand Program is a proven and tested 6 week in person  series of 90 Minute Brand Strategy Sessions which teaches you exactly  how to marke­t yours­elf, how to create strat­egies and build a winning  brand­, how to leverage your leade­rship skill­s, and how to have a  lifel­ong succe­ssful caree­r in your industry.

These sessions are done in a group setting to facilitate an interactive  meeting with cross-functional teams that can lead to faster action and  better outcomes. This is especially true in situations that require  input and consensus from diverse groups or a greater sense of  ownership—whether it’s a new website or strategic planning.  Theses  situations are the ones that will most benefit from investing in a  collaborative session.


  • You feel that your messaging is unclear, and  no one understands what exactly it is that you do or what you’re good at.
  • You need to stand out more in your field so that you can secure clients or customers
    You have “a bunch of ideas” that don't seem to be connected and you need help organizing and activating them.
  • You are ready to take your brand to the next level and attract high value customers,lucrative opportunities, and other exposure.
  • You feel not enough people know who you are although you are an expert in your field
  • You need to develop a platform for your brand - be it a brand message, marketing campaign,  Brand identity, etc.

There are only 10 seats available in this program and once it hits 10 we're CLOSING this down. 

You must HURRY if you want to secure you seat in this program - this will sell out extremely fast.  Dates to be Announced.