LYDIA's philosophy

Whether it is by design or by default,  everyone has a brand. We are constantly building a perception of who we are in the minds of those around us. This is Branding.  This is why it  is important to be consistent and authentic— because you are a brand. If  you truly want to be successful in life, you must consider yourself a brand and act accordingly.  

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LYDIA'S experience

With more than 10 years of experience managing campaigns, image and communications for small businesses & entrepreneurs in New York, Philadelphia & Atlanta, Lydia's foundation in public relations, in addition to her marketing experience with small businesses & non-profits, contribute to her passion for helping organizations succeed. 

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LYDIA the Author

Lydia authored the book entitled, "The Art Of Branding: A Simple & Practical Guide to Understanding the Branding Process" which is a short and simple guide  that answers some  of the most frequently asked questions about personal branding and why  it's an important piece of any entrepreneur's life today. Available  on Amazon.com.

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